KH 20" trials in orange & BC/impossible wheel

This is a KH trails that I’ve had for a long time. One spoke is bent, but the wheel is true and takes plenty of abuse. Standard configuration from when I bought it from

I also have an impossible wheel with bedford platforms and 20" wheel (with an awesome spoke pattern)

I’m based in Rohnert Park, CA! 1 hour north of SF.

Name an appropriate price?

bassed on the age of that uni… I would say… about $75

Sounds fair to me. $75 + shipping it is.
Are you interested?

I would say $150 about. It’s still a really strong trials uni.

^ yea!

75 way too low. 150 sounds more reasonable.


OK sweet. $150+shipping it is!
Thanks guys.
Any takers?


I was wondering if the hub/cranks were ISIS. Looks like a pretty nice uni still.

No that unicycle does not has an isis hub and cranks

just a splined hub/crank alsow strong but not compatible
that is the reason why these days almost all unicycles are isis.

this is almost an collecters item.

i would be interested, but im in wisconsin any estimates on shipping?

for 75 i would do it

Is the bc wheel still for sale