KH 20" - seatpost length


I want to buy KH 20 but im not sure whether its seatpost lentgh will be enough for me? Im 195 cm tall and this seatpost is only 350mm - i think that Koxx makes 400mm…?

How do you think - maybe someone rides KH and is as tall as me :slight_smile:


hey, i’m not sure if your gonna be riding trials 350mm is gonna to small…

I’m 178cm and I’m riding a 250mm seatpost and still got some room spare.

It all depends how you ride i guess but koxx do make a 400mm seatpost but its full aluminium so probably quite weak depending how heavy u gonna ride your KH20.

Maybe for your hight a KH24 would be more adapted. But if your gonna be doing trials, your seatpost will be quite low anyways.


I am riding KH24 right now - it is rather “big” and does not offer such control as 20" wheel…
Well, maybe it`s just a matter of longer cranks…

Is there anyone who is doing trials on 24" wheel?


Koxx only make their reinforced seatpost in 250mm (same reinforcement as the KH seatpost) the 400mm ones are really weak and the plates snap off.

A lot of people ride trials unicycles with the seat low to allow clearance, I guess this might be why Koxx only do their reinforced and Pit fighter seatpost in 250mm length (or maybe French people are quite short, Napoloeon was only 5 foot 2 inches)


I cut about an inch off the seatpost on my kh 20 to get it down to the same hight as I had on my old uni and I am about 6ft although that was with the cromo seat post off UDC but asume there the same length

uhm trials on kh24 is not common but kris holm does some trials on 24". A few people do it. I think your best bet maybe to try find a 20" unicycle with a 350mm seatpost that someone has at a convention or sommit and borrowing it.

you can a;ways get the 700mm steel seatpost from udc. you would have to shim it though.

also, go to eriks world on utv if you want to see trials on a 24"

My Qu-ax came with a 400mm seatpost. I’m 6’2". I haven’t cut the seatpost yet…but I’m going to because it’s definitely a tad higher than I’d like it to be. Trust me, you don’t need more than 350mm for probably any kind of riding.

ummmm…if you’r planning to do trials than you’r gonna want it smaller than usual so you can go for seat-in to seat-in-front

My mate who rides a KH 20" Trials is 6ft 7inch and he has no probs with the seatpost height!


Great news. I have already ordered KH 20 so right now its only a matter of time :-))) Cant wait…