KH 20' Reviews

Hows anyone who has riden it like it so far? Any problems/conplaints?
Or just good news :wink:

I think there are less than a dozen people that have ridden anything over an 18’ unicycle.

wicked, i always wanted a 20 foot unicycle. were do u get them?

HAHAHAHAHA thats what i was thinking when i saw 20’

this unicycle is freakin awesome!

i have had mine for a while now but havent been able to ride it much cos of my back. it feels waaaay different to my old kh because of the much thinner seat and stuff. also i have reverted back to a maxxis cc because of the wider rim - hopefully as long as i run enough pressure it wont fold!
im not sure what the correct term for it is but most of the weight is concentrated in the centre of the uni - alluminum cranks, drilled rim etc so spins and flips can happen much faster. also it is surprising what losing 3 mm off the cranks does - i find flipping much easier with these cranks.

like i said i havent had much chance to ride it yet but the seat feels pretty good and is nice and thin for sif and the like.

once i go for a propper ride i will write a propper review!


yer i got the kh street gel fusion aswell, its real comfy and easy to get out for sif.

Kh 20

I love mine, it is definitely worth the money! I’m an older rider so I don’t really do a lot of crazy jumps, but this is one very solid trials cycle that I am not afraid of riding over or through anything.

i wish i had one… does it really have a tilted seat post…drools

tilted seatpost? the 20" version doesnt have a rail adaptor if thats what you mean.

yea, i got the kh street unicycle aswell, i am not that greateer rider but i do trials and this is good, i guess. (its a trials uni…) the seat is real nice untill you go long distance (which i do not beleive it was made for), then you get a real sore gooch! but over all its a great unicycle

hahah gooch!!

Im either saving for this uni or a GP 20

well i got the frame, street saddle, post and clamp today

they are really light and look fantastic

remove it.

definately get the kh.

don’t be scared to make a custom trials guys.

i’m glad i am rather than going out and just buying a stock KH

for a bit more money, i get a uni which is just as strong, looks the way i want it to and makes me feel proud.

these days custom unis arent as great as they used to be with the mass-production of strong, light parts for a fraction of the price of a custom job.

A profile trials uni with a custom frame used to cos like $2000 australian. now you can get a kh for like $800. i can understand if by custom you mean buying different brands/colours of mass-produced parts for an individual uni. also upgrading seats, seatposts, pedals etc for the ultimate ride.

Out of interest what kind of uni are you riding at the moment?


Edit: the other advantage of using a whole bunch of different brands/parts is that you can gradually upgrade your uni from a dodgey learner-uni to a trials beast.

at the moment ive got a nimbus II 24" for muni

thats it

but im making up a uni at the moment. so far i’ve got:

07 kh 20 frame, post, clamp and saddle

koxx hub and cranks

jimmy c pedals

i’m getting:

orange VIZ rim

black spokes

blue nipples

luna tyre

lol what is it with brisbane guys and blue nipples?

why the koxx hub?

it sounds like a pretty sweet uni.


haha blue nipples

hahaha, nipples


i chose the koxx because i think its the same strength as the kh stuff and it looks better. its also cheaper. i also like the koxx brand over kh.

i dont mean to hijack this thread but why?