kh 20 pedals

why did they decide to put welgo pedals on the kris holm 20 inch.They really really suck , after about a month of just riding the pins are all rounded off and when it gets wet out side we cant ride because are feet slip off if we try anything.

replacement welgo pins are available in nearly every bike shop in the world and the cost less than £1ukp.

if you have less common pedals you might have more trouble finding replacement pins.

even if your pedals aren’t genuine welgos the replacement pins will probably fit.

bmx riders lose pins too so find a bike shop that does bmx and they’ll surely have them.

If the KH20 is like the KH24 then the wellgo pedals that come with it are of the type without replaceable pins. They are very slippery and should be the first thing to upgrade.

fair enough.

find a local rough area with plenty of crime and search for dumped bikes.
i got a set of magura brakes and a pair of nice dmr pedals this way.

Sounds good to me…