KH 20 or KH 24 Frame

I know this is a long shot, but I’m looking for a KH 20 or KH 24 frame for a winter project.

Here’s my added white unicorn request, I would pay extra for a double crown in good shape if anyone knows where I can find one or has one to possibly part with.

I had a KH20 frame but just sold it.

Daren Bedford might have some new double crowns left.

only way to know is to e-mail or phone him, he doesn’t really keep the website up to date.

Thank you so much. I saw your frame and was bummed I missed the deal. I called Darren and will hope he has some left. Thanks again!!!

ugh, I have a double crown that I’m trying to sell but I’m trying to sell locally first, so I don’t have to handle all the shipping things and whatnot.

It’s in really great shape apart from minor scratches, has mostly been used for indoor riding. It probably has been ridden for a period of time of 1 or 2 month, not hardcore riding on it either. I’m asking 150$ for it.

I’ve had my ad up locally for a while now so if I can’t sell it around here I’ll probably consider selling it to you!

Thank you for the post…Please let me know if you want to sell it…