kh 20 or 24

I’m gonna order either a kh 24 or kh 20 for trials. I would really rather have the 20 inch, but i’m not sure if I want it…because i’m 6’2, and have unproportionally long legs. Even a 24 feels really small to me. If I get a kh 20, will the seatpost like barely be sticking in the frame?

Are there any other riders that are tall and use a 20"?

I’m really set on getting it but just want to confirm that it won’t be too small.

Most trials riders short or tall use a 20". I know a guywho is 6 foot 7 and he rides a 20".

20 it is lol

also for trials riding the seat should be lower anyway so you should be set. (plus if it’s lower, it’s easier to get into seat in front)