KH 20 on ebay

Im thinking of putting my kh 20 trials on ebay. Before i do i thought i would see if any of you guys wanted it first.
Its in very good condition and has been very well looked after if anyone is interested i will post some pics later.

10 4 over and out

Hmm might have a friend whos intrested. What age is it? £104?

im intrested in frame and seat post
maby the saddle depending on how much
you want then you could just sell the wheel set ?

how much for the full thing?

I would like to get as much as i can for this so im open to offers. Postage is gonna cost me about £28.00 to the uk mainland.

The brown stuff in the pedal holes is copper grease i put it there before the uni went into my attick.
The origional snafu pedals will be put back on once i take them off my other uni.

Any other questions just ask.






Here are some bigger pics


so will you part out the frame and seat post?

sorry but im not willing to sell it in parts just yet.

ok shoot me a PM iff you change your mind or dont get any buyers:(

So…did anyone buy it?