KH 20 Longneck ($350)

I am selling my Kris Holm KH20 Longneck unicycle.

I believe it is a 2010 model. It’s basically new. I never did any drops over 2 feet on it.

Includes rolo’s and a new set of Oddessey Pedals

I am selling it because I have another uni and could use the money for valentines day.

Asking $350. Price includes shipping to the lower 48 states and will be shipped same day payment is received.

Payment via paypal.

If only I hadn’t just bought a new unicycle…

omg! :smiley: thats an awesome deal to whoever ends up grabbing this! would you be willing to sell the rollos alone??

Would you consider shipping to Nova Scotia, Canada?

Did you cut the frame a bit? It looks shorter than the usual kh longneck…

Oops. Forgot. I will ship to canada. I want to keep shipping continental.

And yes the frame is 1.5 inches shorter than the standard height to account for my challenged height.

All PM’s replied too. Make some offers.

Bump… PM some offers.

sick uni… great deal. I’d buy this if i didnt have one.

Would you consider trading the frame for an Alien Backflip and some cash?

No thanks.


Make some offers. Whats the worst im gonna say? No? :sunglasses:

Would you be willing to part the rollo discs??

Sold Sold Sold.