KH-20 Kris Holm Trials

Up for sale is a great KH-20 Trials unicycle. It’s in great condition with normal wear and tear. Just put in a new tube and had the rim and tire checked out at my LBS. It can be yours for $350 shipped and PayPal accepted.

If you are willing to wait a week for me to get the money together I will buy this.

Grasshopper, replied to your PM

Sale Pending Funding

hey is this uni still avalible.:smiley:

Nope, sorry.
The money has been sent.

Pb&uni thank you for your extra patience with me be being sick bedridden for a week with a terrible flu.

very interesting

will seek for discussion very interesting!@

I forgot to ask…
What year was this uni made?

Sale finished, both parties left happy.