Kh 20 + kh 24


Its been a long time since my unicycles have seen any love. I’m moving next week and need to sell them.

KH 20- black steel frame, trials tire with decent tread, cranks are in good shape from minimal crank grabs.

KH 24- black steel frame, magura hs-33 hydraulic brake, DIY KH air saddle, 3" tire. also in good shape.

I will post pics tomorrow, make me an offer on one or both! I will ship or they are available for pickup in Richmond, VA.


Are you sure those are KH frames? KH frames are Aluminum, not steel.

The super old ones were steel I thought.

Yes, the 2004 ones were steel frames.

I had one of those old kh24’s they are a tank, but with that said were so heavy too.

sorry, I have been super busy getting packed for my move, pictures are linked below. These are the older style KH unis but they are equally, if not more bomber than the aluminum ones. Also rides smoother… steel is real.


I am willing to sell these for cheap! Best way to get in touch with me is hunter (dot) singleton (at) gmail, I will be packing/prepping the next couple days and wont be checking my pm’s frequently.


I love the “bike” sticker on the frame. :slight_smile: