KH 20" ISIS trials V's Nimbus 20" ISIS trials

Hi, Before you say to use the seach button, I have and it has made my list of questions alot smaller. But a couple of things I wanted to know, take into consideration that I am about 100-105 kgs.
Can I justify spending nearly twice the money on the KH as opposed to the Nimbus? I have the money, I just want to spend it wisely. Because in the description on UDC for the Nimbus it says that it is the ideal entry level trials uni. But for my weight I can assume from reading a few threads that I would want to upgrade to KH moment cranks. on top of this I would have to wait until after june for more stock.
The KH on the other hand already has the strong cranks and I am able to get it straight away.
Would I be upgrading parts on the Nimbus to bring it up to the quality of the KH after a while and it costing me more in the long run?
I have only been uniing for a couple of months, and I want to start learning some of the more involved tricks which will no doubt damage my cheap 24".
Thanks in advance,

Similar problem here.

I will most likely order a QU-AX 20" Trials. I’m 90 kg and I also do unicycling only since end of 2007.

The QU-AX appears to be quite robust, but a little heavier. It has 48 spokes.

Although the Nimbus w/ the upgraded cranks is strong, and not too heavy, I’d get the KH if you have the $.

If you don’t mind waiting untill summer, and you think you’d like to get into street/flat, you may want to wait untill Kris comes out w/ the longer neck trials (wount hit the clamp as easily w/ some tricks).

Thanks for the info guys, the QU-AX is another option, I hadn’t seen it on UDC, I must have looked passed it each time. As for the seat clamp getting in the way, does this happen often or is it a sometimes thing? What tricks does it get in the way with? I would like to get one now but if the longer seat post is going to be a big advantage I guess I could wait.

Cough cough.

And by the way, I never had problems hitting the seat clamp.

Hitting the clamp is most certainly a sometimes thing, I really think that longneck frames are way overrated. I don’t think I’ve ever hit my knees on the clamp. As far as im concerned, all long neck frames do is restrict adjustments and make it more likely to bust the frame than bend a seatpost.

They have there place in freestyle because of all the standup tricks but I don’t think they offer much past that unless they are made out of some really great material such as Ti.

Thanks Brian O. I was thinking the same thing about less adjustment for the seat. And I was also thinking that if all these really talented guys are doing unbeleivable tricks (to me they are unbeleivable :)) with the shorter seat post then it mustn’t be to bad.
I think I will go for the Kris Holm one.
Thanks again, Mitchell

As high quality as KH may be, I still believe the Nimbus ISIS Trials to be stronger. And as you’re a heavyweight, you might prefer the stronger hub and rim of the Nimbus. Of course, the Nimbus has to be fitted with KH cranks too, but can’t you order just the cranks somewhere else (in another UDC shop in the world) ?