KH 20 inch sold in Canada

Sorry if this question has been asked and answered before but…

Does the KH 20 inch sold in Canada have a splined hub? is it the same as the version? I know that the colors are different, but I’m not sure what else is.

Also, is the crank/hub as strong as the profiles?


hteonly one sold in canada is $300 and has a square spindle hub (non-splined)

thanks, I knew it was too good to be true :slight_smile:

$300 for that is a fantastic deal, though. I recently bought the Bedford trials setup, and it cost $425…and that’s with no Velo seat.

If you’ve already convinced yourself that you ‘need’ splined, then order the more expensive one. I’d (knowing me and my 3 foot drop max) get that $300 in an instant!

now darren has got the same splined hub and cranks as come on the More expensive one from So, he can build the identical unicycle, minus the frame. This is good news!


I just bought a KH20. The bike store ordered it for the dealer January 30, 2003, and i still haven’t got it. Is it just me or is the whole shipment coming slow? I saw one at a diffferent bike shop, but mine has not come in?


I do think I need a splined crank/hub. 3 or 4 feet is probbably my max drop height, but I weight over 200 pounds, and tend to damage cranks very easily.

I have profiles on my muni, and haven’t had a single problem so far…