KH 20 for sale

im looking to sell my KH 20" trials unicycle.

Im selling it because it cant hold up to what im doing.

My uni has-
-comes with 2 different seat posts ( miyata and normal style)
-Yuni /bedford black frame
-Luna tire 20x2.5 and an Alex D 32 rim ( theres a monty rim on it now but its quite wrecked and bent)
-Kh 20 cranks and hub
-and some bmx style seat post clamp.

Theres no pedals or seat to go with it because i need them for my 24" , same with the seat. its a viscount anyway.

Im thinking about selling it for $260 canadian. I bought it for $480 brand new but i’ve used it a bit . But the Luna tire and Alex D 32 rim are brand new.

i live in B.C. on vancouver island by the way.

Let me know . I can get a few pictures on in a bit.

it kind looks like the onza ( same frame tire and rim but with KH cranks and hub).

or like this but used and a black frame.

go into “bedford unicycle May 14” and look at the blue KH 20


Im interested, and if you could post some pictures that would be great,


Im definatly interested too.


i’m interested in it too.
but i’m curious.

what is about it that can’t hold up to what you’re doing?

the reson it cant hold up to is because my level of riding has increased so im just going to ride with 24" wich has profiles.

Im starting to do bigger sets and hand rails now and this unicycle isnt up to par with my riding.


these prices are canadian btw!!!

ill get some pictures on tonight or tomorrow.


you’ve got email and a PM

i got a picture

justins uni.bmp (225 KB)

have you sold it yet?
if not, how much would shipping to Michigan be?

ive kinda sold it right now to this guy in alabama.

if you really want it that bad then ur gunna have to go higher then 260 and pay for shipping’


pic 1


pic 3


the last guy backed out of the deal.

this thing is stilll up for grabs. If 260 is to high ( canadian prices) then let me know and maybe something can be worked out.


Ca’mon someone’s gotta want this.

for $260 its a steal. Brand new it costs over $450.


if prices are high to let me know

come on,

someones gotta buy this, all i really want to sell is the wheel set.

like 185$
KH splined
Luna tire
beat up monty rim,lol

a new one from darren is 250$ ( all of these are CAN)

this would make a good christmas present!!


p.s. and a black Yuni frame for 200$

if you would have put it on earlier i would have but i bought a x-box instead :frowning: