KH 20" for sale on Craigslist (NY)

I just saw a KH 20" posted on CL for $40. It may be a good deal for someone close buy. I would follow up on it, but I already have what I need.


Is it possible to have a link or a picture? I know someone who had a KH20 and got stolen.

Link here:

I see. Make that a 20" “regular” unicycle with a KH seat. I can’t tell what kind it is, but it’s still well worth the $40!

It looks like an early KH/Summit. I see what looks like his trademark sig on the side of the frame, and the crown looks like that of the old summit. Also looks like there’s a hookworm tire on it.


The good old KH freestyle unicycle.

You know what they say; If it looks too good to be true it probably is. It’s still worth a look if you’re in the area. I guess it could be stolen. I thought I’d put the info out there.

Price doubled after I agreed to purchase

Contacted the seller for a time and address to pick up uni and he doubled the price due to interest. Just turned the idea sour for me . I assume its still available.:frowning:

Yes, it’s still posted; now for $75. I guess it is some type of scam.