KH 20" Flatland Unicycle

FOR SALE USA: KH Flatland 20" unicycle. $300 OBO
Frame and seat a little scruffed up but wheelset hardly has any riding on it at all.
This is several years old but hardly ever rode it after piecing it together.
20 by 2.1 Grifter tire
20" KH flatland rim
127 KH moments
KH Moment Hub
KH Long neck frame

Would you able to hang on to it until next Friday? I’m really interested in it but don’t get paid until next week.

Okay cool, just let me know what you decide.


Where was this two months ago??? :sweat_smile:. Is it sold? And if not are you willing to part it out? Im eying the moments with the rollos.

I am working with someone right now on possibly buying it. I don’t know if I could part it out because I am trying to clear space and would like it all gone.


Still for sale. 300 isn’t necessarily firm.