KH 20" drops

hey i just got a new KH 20" trials and i was wondering how much i can jump on it or how high of drops i can take it off? i weigh about 200lbs so i’m not sure what kind of drops i can put this thing through

do whatever you want to it
you won’t break it.
promise, unless of course you like to land sideways, on curbs(or similiar/skinnier) and such. in other words, if you limit it to 12 foot (vert drop) jumps to 1 foot landings you’ll be alright.

12 foot drops will whack out the rim.

7 foot drops to flat on grass will whack out the rim a little bit. hehe

It will take a lot of damage. The weekest points being seat/seatpost. Learn to land correctly and the casual big drop wont be too much of a problem.

When I attempted a 7 foot drop on my new KH, the rim was bent slightly, but it was minor and it didn’t affect anything. Just make sure you roll out of it like I didn’t do…