KH 20 custom paint job, and Louise's rim

To finish off my painting, I painted my KH20 metallic red.

Pictures on picasa:

Some cool ones:

I left a silver stripe down the side; unfortunately, the paint bled slightly into it, and in the end, I think I would have preferred it to be solid red, but oh well! I painted the spokes, leaving a star pattern in the center – in the end, I also didn’t really like the star pattern, but I didn’t want to take the wheel apart just to paint the hub red, and leaving it blue wasn’t an option :slight_smile:

I also painted Louise’s new rim:

I rode the 20 at lunch today, and unfortunately, the clear coat isn’t too strong, and it has already suffered some nicks and scratches.


I love that red! I like how you did your rim, wirh only red on the outside. The spokes look nice too.
Get a red cover, and some red pedals and that would be a nice looking uni.

Wow, that looks awesome! A darker red always looks nicer with unis. I don’t think the stripe looks bad either.

That’s the same red you used for your squid handle, right?

It looks pretty sweet!

That is one nice paint job.

Iv’e had a go at spray painting unicycle frames before but I didn’t use enoguh clear lacquer to protect against scratching.

Hey man, no – it isn’t; that was spray paint, when this is actual (expensive!) high quality automotive paint. It is a similar color, but not the same :slight_smile:


I used a high quality automotive clear coat; I may have not let it dry enough (about 1.5 full days), and it has already chipped in a few spots where i dropped it down (hard) while practicing coasting at lunch today.

My spray paint job for my coker frame chipped off really easily, even with cheap spray paint clear coat. I was hoping the auto clear coat would be better, and I think it is…but we’ll see how it holds up on my trials and muni.

Ah, okay. My bad.:o

I guess it might be more worth your while to powder coat it if that’s happening.

That’s true, powder coating is stronger! it is a baked on finish. I don’t think you can get quite the same look as a spray color; ie – the metallic luminance isn’t possible with powder coating, and you’d still have to clear coat it to get it to look shiny.


i like your paint job on your 24in better but this still looks bad ass.:smiley:

You most certainly can get metallic colors with powder coating.

well arent you a special agent sam

i’ll second, third, and fourth that it’s a beautiful frame. saw it yesterday!

Cool! I didn’t realize that. Powder coating isn’t something I can do, unfortunately. I have a friend who is going to get a small setup, but it may not even be large enough for uni frames.

How expensive was it to get that done? Your frame done too?


I really like that.

Your uni looks like a firetruck :slight_smile:
I love it!

I do my powdercoating myself. I just got an old electric oven with a bottom and top oven, this is nice because I can be heating up one part while another is baking.

Its pretty fun to do, however there is alot of trial an error and I still have iffy results.

I think I have spent about $120.00 or so and now have everthing I need and about 10 colors. Without a few usefull machine shop type tools powder coating would prove very dificult. Anyway, its quite the fun saturday activity.

That’s cool! Where do you get your paint? Where did you learn how to do it?

I’m totally interested in doing it myself too. The metallic paint I bought was $70 for a pint! Totally pricey. Add on the base mixer, clear coat, and hardner, and I spent $140 in paint alone!

I already had my spray gun for doing woodshop stuff, but that thing was like $500 bucks, so I have a huge investment in spray equipment. But, I’d love to powder coat too.