Kh 20 2007

I have a 20" Kris Holm unicycle that I don’t ride much so I’ve decided to sell it. It’s stock with 125mm cranks.
I’d like to get $325.00 firm plus shipping. It will ship from 53171 with the carrier of your choice. PayPal only.
The cycle is in real good shape with some minor scratches.
Pm if your interested.
Pics below:

kool all it needs is some new pedals. Its cheep so lets see… I may have a chat with my parents concidering the price:)

I am interested, if Uni98’s parents say no. I tried to figure out shipping but didn’t make any headway. Anyway I will try again later, if you have had experience shipping please let me know any help would be appreciated. I’m at 14616. Thanks.

Ok if I figured out shipping correctly it would only be around $11.00??? Sounds way too inexpensive. Oh well I will wait to hear from you. You can email me at if you want.


Thanks everyone. Enjoy ally1776:D