KH 20" 2007 Wheel Assembly on 2005 Frame?

Hey there, I was wondering if the KH 2007 wheel assembly would fit the 2005 Frame.

I don’t really need a new wheel assembly yet, but I keep loosing those stupid dust caps, and are there advantages to the hub of the 2007 besides compatibility?

Is the ISIS hub as strong as the old KH 2005 stuff?

Or hey, anyone know where to get more of those yummy dust caps for the 2005?



UDC sells the dust caps. In fact, last order I got off UDC, they just threw one in for free when I asked.

Haha, I actually laughed when I read your post, the new KH cranks are about 10x as strong as the 2005 version which I bent in 2 days of moderate riding. Yes, the 2007 wheel will fit on the 2005 frame, the bearings are exactly the same width. If your 2005 wheel is still alright then I don’t see why you’d go for the 2007 though.

why change if its good?

if it aint broke dont change it !

Not 10x (at all) but definitely slightly stronger. My 05 cranks survived some big 9-10sets unscathed. I’ve seen 07 cranks bend after multiple 360s down about a 5-6foot drop.

Hey Dustin,

Okay, so that goes for the cranks, but did you have the .5 thick versus the .8 thick? [Might have units of measure wrong, but I know it’s 5 something and 8 something.]

I know there were issues with the 5’s and that was quickly resolved by the 8 [which I’ve got]. I just can’t see these cranks bending, but rest assured if they do I’ll pick up the 2007 Wheel Set.

Also how about the Hub? The Hub on my 2005 is very beefy, the 2007 ISIS looks like nothing in comparison. Is it really as strong? Or is that a trade off for the compatibility for everything else on the market?


I hadn’t heard of KH 2007 cranks bending before yet, I assumed they were pretty strong, they are however stronger than the 2005 cranks. For information i was using the 1.6mm thick KH cranks, while the stronger ones out there are 1.8mm cranks that wern’t available in Europe, anyhow, I agree that the old KH hub looks much fatter than the new one and I’m not exactly sure as the axle is about as thick, I think that with the 2005 they just used a fatter hub which isn’t strictly neccesary. The hub/axle would be as strong as the old one.

Okay great, now it’s time to go hunt down some Dust Caps.

Thanks everyone,

Most helpful forums I’ve yet encountered!


Thats crazy! I hadn’t heard of that until now, kinda cool though to hear that someone could do it. Could you post some pics of the cranks? It would be kinda neat to see the the industructables destructed.

it was cause they were the 1.6 ones, the 1.8 were much stronger.

I’ve heard the kh/onza cranks were stronger than the kh moment. alot of people prefer them.