KH 19" Trials Demo

I bought this earlier this spring thinking if I HAD a trials I’d actually DO trials.

Well, that’s not true. All I accomplished was having a trials sit in my room. I borrowed the seat for another project and never got back to getting one for this uni so you will have to supply your own.

I paid $389 from UDC for it and it is in basically the same condition I received it in (minus the seat) so I’m asking $300 shipped.

It’s a UDC demo so it did get some use. I believe it was a 2013 model but can’t say for sure. It has Rollo’s on it and 137 Moment’s. Tire is a Creepy Crawler.

The frame does have a few dings (as pictured) but is in good shape. Josh told me when I bought it that it saw very little use as a demo and was basically new.





Up. These retail at nearly 600 bucks.

Sold pending shipment.

Just wanted to say Killian was a pleasure to conduct business with! Fast shipping, product was exactly as pictured, and the packaging for it was good too! Thanks Killian!!!

No problem, glad you like it.