KH 19" Rim Spoke Question

I am curious to see if others have the same issue as me. Or perhaps can tell me it isn’t an issue at all…

I have started to notice that the rim metal surrounding each spoke eyelet on my KH rim has a slight raised area, like the metal is being ever so slightly pulled up, dome-ing it toward the spoke. It’s really slight, but i can feel with my fingertip a very little bump. It’s pretty impossible to photograph otherwise I would, but in a good like when I spin the wheel I can see a slight deformity on the outside of each rim spoke hole.

I did contact UDC to check if this was actually the normal appearance - can’t remember if it’s something I’m just noticing or is a new thing… They said it is probably the tool that put in the eyelets… It could still be that of course, but every time I look at it it does seem a hair more noticeable. Could be just paranoia, but I’d like to know if anyone else has/ has had this with their trials uni.

I should also point out I’m by no means a skilled rider so haven’t been punishing this wheel at all - still I did notice this after starting to learn to hop… Ummmm…



P.S. Spokes a really tight - Could this be the issue? I had assumed that a trials wheel would be pretty tight compared with my other larger unis… But now I’m wondering if it is perhaps too tight!?

Any idea what year your KH was manufactured?

There were a number of differnt rim styles used over the past few years so a manufacture date or quick photo might help the membership supply you with some answers based on the specific rim in question.

Thanks for responding. I bought it back in April/May 2012 so I believe it is the 2009 rim with 14g spokes.

Actually I spoke with Roger today at UDC and am now reassured that all I am noticing is a better eyelet application than previously photographed rims. He said that they are now put on much tighter than before to avoid rattles and that this in fact makes this rim in question stronger… Also I have learned that failure on these rims never happens at the eyelet, so not an area for me to worry about.

I will naturally keep an eye on it in case this is a first, but for now I feel it is resolved.

It takes forever to pull a nipple though the rim it took a good year for me after mine started.