KH 19"/Nimbus 24" Muni, Vic, Aus.

Due to an unfortunate back injury I will not be able to ride again for some time.

I currently have a Nimbus Muni 26" and KH 19" 08 model gathering dust on my lawn (lawn dust). The KH attended the 2009 Uninats (I think it was 09) then traveled around Australia with me, I remember being particularly fond of grinding back then, this is visible on the cranks. The nimbus has rode the overland track in Tasmania and since served as a commuter due to lack of any actual mountains in Melbourne.

Both kept in doors for their life and regularly serviced.

I want to part with one, keeping the other for sentimental value. If anyone is interested in either please send me a message/make an offer, I just want to know it’s going to a good home.

I apologise in advance for the convoluted for sale system, I cannot bring myself to choose which one to keep and have no idea on resale value.
The KH comes with the original seat aside from a new front handle as I smashed the old one doing sick jumps at a skatepark somewhere.
Nimbus has two seats, a thicker ‘GP’ saddle (collectors item…) and the standard nimbus, happy to provide both.

The red wellgo pedals will be provided with which ever unicycle goes as I need the snafu’s for my bke (yep I can still ride the bke, thanks back injury)

I’d be happy for around $280 for the KH, $200 for nimbus, but it’s more important that they go to a good home, make an offer.

The KH has been partially painted black as a steadfast reminder of my much regretted emo phase.
And most recently the Nimbus took part in my 2016 comedy festival campaign ‘ride this successfully for a free ticket/no the show hasn’t anything to do with unicycles/yes I understand, with that in mind, it is somewhat misleading to use the unicycle for advertising’.
I know this is a long post, it changed from ‘uni’s for sale’ into some sort of cathartic writing exercise. The money will be going towards my on going physio/hospital bills.

Preferable to sell inside Vic but can arrange postage if required. Please contact me via PM.

Thank-you for reading,


Haha cheers Pinoclean, it was fun to write.
Also SOLD! The red nimbus.
Thanks all for the interest.
I get to kept the black KH as a reminder of the emo days meaning I can throw out my hair straightener and fall out boy cd’s.
Thanks again.