KH 09 base replacing with CF base! Is it possible?

Hey! Did anyone try to replace the Kris Holm 09 saddlebase with a CF saddlebase?
I disassembled my KH 09 saddle today and it looks like you can make the screws fit in a CF base you just need to make the right holes. So i was wondering if anyone have tried this?

Some pictures would be great too :slight_smile:

cant find pics at the moment but running UDC CF plate and 2009 fusion on one and Axel CF plate and 2009 fusion on two setups, working perfect!

any questions? PM me:)

I already ordered a KH CF base so i was wondering if anyone tried it on that :stuck_out_tongue:


I just know / have this one from Roger…working perfect

but loving this one from Axel;) (the plate at the pic is prepaired for the 2010 KH but have no other at moment:o)