Kh '08

Can’t read German, but MDC posted a pic and description of the KH '08 Trials here.

Here’s what Lutz said about it:

The only differences I see are:
smaller rim holes
Different pedals
Better seatpost
Different seat foam (looks comfier)
Black hub, can’t tell if the flanges are better or not though…


(I fixed it a bit)

The 2008 Kh is here

Here in the Long Neck execution.
From the beginning of August in the trial versions, Long Neck and Double Crown available for purchase!
New: Amendment aluminum seatpost, Enhanced fork in the transition between the seat tube and bridge, small holes in the rim, Different spoke build, Black hub, Odyssey Jim C. TrailMix pedals.

We look forward to seeing it!

Sexy. But unless its a lot lighter then I’m just as happy with my current uni.

I wonder if the cranks will change… :thinking:

They look the same.

I don’t know, I was talking to Amy at NAUCC and she suggested that there may be new KH cranks coming in the next UDC shipment.

Can I post a photo of the seatpost if I by chance have one stored on my computer?

Yes please do, thats the main part I have been waiting for. Im not bothered about anything else right now.


Does anybody know what is meant by double crown?

I would check with Kris before throwing up a photo of any new gear. You might be stealing his thunder :slight_smile:

We have a bunch of cool new stuff arriving in the next NZ shipment (due early August if all goes well). I’ve learnt from past experience never to promise an exact date or talk about new developments too much before we actually have products in our hands. Occasionally containers have turned up late and/or missing unicycles and parts. Sometimes designs get modified and specs get changed too. Suffice to say I can’t wait to get my hands on some of the new parts, which are very drool-worthy.

I wonder what Double Crown means also. I interested to see if there is any new parts coming that I should get to replace 07 model parts :stuck_out_tongue:

Dude dont wory about replacing parts, if your only gapping 1m and hopping 30cm it should be ages before anything brakes. Wait for it to break then replace it. By the time something breaks Im sure newer parts would have come out anyway, theres no point worrying about anything now. The best thing you can do for now is swap your pedals for somthing better.

A different spoke lace, eh? I wonder what they are using.

I heard it is 5 cross and they are not conventional spokes, KH is uses lengths of dyneema chord instead, stronger than steel for the same weight. I cant weight to see it :roll_eyes:

+1 Dude pat, see this thread
Which includes:


But the real question is, do you have a metal block (I mean this will all respect) that is keeping you from improving, and you think that new equipment will help? I am just trying to find your reason to improve an already great unicycle.

i’m sorry, but i was expecting a flaming Titanium hub, a purple frame with spikes, the rim to be neon green, the spokes to be pink, and the cranks to be made of Ti.

maybe its just me, but that pic doesnt show much of a change…

The thing is, can you realy get much better?

Dunno, remember your flanges?

And are you serious about the dyneema cord? If so, that would be awesome!

Oh yea, forgot about that. Looks like the problems with the frame and rim has been seen to. I would bet that the problem with the flanges has been resloved too.

No I was just making it up, although if you could work out a way to tension them Im sure it would work. Theres not much weight to be saved from the spokes but it would be lighter.

In sailing most of the serious racers replace their metal shrouds and stays with dyneema chord. It is amazingly strong, doesnt stretch and is very light.