KH 07 hub/crankset

i was looking at getting the new kh hub and cranks.
What frames do they fit?

The KH bearings are 42mm.

If your frame has 42mm bearing holders, your good to go. =p

They will fitt KH 2005/2006/2007 frames(DHU!!)
Koxx and Qu-ax will fit to.
I’f you are not sure ask Roger ( or Roland ( to check it, they would love to help.


This is the setup i want

KH Hub/Crankset
Alex DX32 rim
Jimmy C pedals (already got)
Kh Street fusion saddle (already got)

Havent decided on frame/post/clamp yet. Anyone got any ideas?

And is that a good setup?

get a wide rim, you won’t regret it!
kh frame for sure, it’s the lightest, dosen’t have lame 22.2 seat tube, cnc bearing holders.

I’ll pop a question in here, too.

I’ve got a 24" Muni with a UDC Wide Hub, a Yuni frame, an Alex DX32 rim, etc etc, and I want to get the 07 KH Hub and Cranks for it because they are so bloody cheap! So, will I need to get a new frame, or bearing shims or something?

No it wont fit tyler. A yuni frame is for 40mm OD bearings and the KH hub bearings are 42mm OD. You cant shim bearings down.You would have to get a new frame or get a different hub and crankset.

Thanks. What frames will fit, namely?

KH, koxx, I think the qu-ax.

if it fits, get the qu-ax aluminum frame. its like $100, and so freakin nice.

also, definantly get a wide rim. they help tons.

Well obviosly the KH frames will fit, but they are a bit pricey. The qu-ax frame will fit and so will the koxx frame. Now, the problem with all three of these frames is that the seat tube is either 25.4 or 27.2, the koxx and KH being 27.2 and the qu-ax being 25.4 (I think it is, but it could be 27.2 also). The yuni frame is for 22.2 seat posts. SO, you could choose from 3 different things to do:

  1. Buy a different hub and crankset to fit your 40mm OD bearings
  2. Buy a the KH moment hub and crankset PLUS a new frame and post
  3. Stick with your UDC wide hub


  1. find some different bearings for it.
  2. you wouldn’t need a new post. Shim it.
  1. In the Kris Holm 2007 products are here thread, Kris said that currently no bearings are made to fit on his hub that have an OD of 40mm.

  2. I didnt even know that there were shims made that are large enough to shim from a 22.2 to a 27.2.

they are available at webcyclery. you can also use 2 shims but thats usually a waste of money. the koxx frame is something like 31.8 so it comes with a shim in it.

Darren has them too but he doesnt have a pic I can link to.

I would try to avoid 2 shims because it tends to move around more.

Cool thanks.

Yea, the bearings you’d need to adapt it would be 22x40x10 (ID/OD/Width) and those just don’t exist. Period. I’ve been looking for weeks everywhere possible. I’m going to have to buy the way more expensive profiles because I don’t want to part with my custom frame. It sucks.

what if you bend the bearing caps?
or make a shim so that the top is
it is only 2mm different

You can shim to something smaller but not something larger. You can’t shim a 42mm bearing to fit in a 40mm holder. And it’s a custom fit holder, so a larger bearing would get in the way of the allen screws.

Are you sure that’s the case, have you measured it to check. After all it’s only 1mm each side.

Unless the screws really are right next to the bearing, it’s only a mm to take out, you’d maybe be able to machine out the extra mm from the existing bearing holders, or maybe even file it somehow (assuming they’re precision holders machined out to exactly the right bearing size).


tons of people have done it. just look at the qu-ax and the nimbus hoppeley. the bearing caps are barely screwed on. roland said that the alu qu-ax frame doesn’t fit with isis hubs.