KH 07 24" rims?


sold the koxx DH pro, bought myself a kh 24", street’ed it up. I noticed it came with the drilled rim ( kinda sketchy), i thought nothing of it. Until i ripped 3/4,s of the spokes out of it flipping a 9( well tiny steps so an 8). First day of riding and a taco the rim, BRUTAL!
it was weird because the spokes all popped out ( litteraly popped), except it sounded more like a gun shot.

just wondering if anyone else these problems when riding muni with it.

ill post pics in a bit, my buddy took some pictures of the after math

I’ve muni’ed the heck out of my 2007 KH24 and never even had the wheel go out of true.

Is it possible the stock wheel build was not so good? A well built wheel is quite important for stuff that big.

I flatspotted the rim as well, and I weigh 90 pounds.

were you filming the shot?
cause i bet that would be an impressive shot
and i want to see the pictures too

just buy a solid wide rim, maybe a dx32 or sun doublewide, or if you’re going really crazy and don’t care about weight, the large marge will put up with just about anything (might be really bad for street though! :D)

KH Rims

Kris himself has tacoed rims. I myself have 3 KH rims on my KH20 KH24 and KH29. no problems with them. I am regularly doing 3 foot drops and I don’t always manage to roll out. Then again I only weigh about 145 pounds.
I am much happier with the KH 47mm rims than the Alex 32mm.


Exactly my thoughts, I occasionally roll my 24" duro and I couldn’t imagine going to a narrower rim. (mind you I don’t have a KH, rather one of those qu-ax bx-## rims)

Sorry to hear that Justin.
I didn’t get the 07 KH when I heard that the rims was drilled… I heard of some other people tacoing them.
Hopfully next year’s rim is hole-less.

took a pic

If I recall, you keep your wheels trued and tensioned, right Justin?

heres the problem

maybe because that wheel was stock…get it tensioned and true…if it had been touched by a wheel builder that wasnt asian it would have been fine…what kind of tire pressure you running in that beast?

I Don’t know how the ethnicity if the Wheel-builder has anything to do with this! but that picture sure was nasty man. Here’s hopin’ you find an affordable, durable substitute tout suite.

Warranty? For a company that boasts excellence, this shouldn’t have happened.

yeah for someone whos been riding for over 6 years now, i always tension my rim before every ride ( never ride then stock). i dont know about warranty on this one, i was just checking with people to make sure it wasnt just a defective rim.

Was it the niples stripping? spokes breaking? or the rim cracking or opening up alowing the spokes to pull through? Im guessing It was the spokes at the top of the wheel (wheen you landed) that went?

it was a combination of the spoke nipples popping of their flange and the rim flat spotting. ah well, i found another one:D

:astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

Wow, flipping a nine, are you mad?

Thats a pretty bad lookin’ rim man, unlucky.

Another pick?

It’s hard for me to see the bend at that angle.

What’s the other rim? Did you already have it laying around?