KH 05 trials out of stock until july??

yep. that’s what UDC says anyway. i’m wondering if there’s a better way to get one? idealy i’d have GB4 make me one, but at his new place in denver he doesn’t have tools, etcetc, blah blah…Anyway, are the bedford trials better than the KH? does anyone have a summit they’d like to part with, particularly for cheap? any other ideas?


//edit:bedford’s prices are in US$ correct?

Re: KH 05 trials out of stock until july??

The prices are in Canadian Dollars. You’ll have to contact Bedford to find out what he’s using for the exchange rate.

And find out if Bedford has any of the KH 05 trials unis. He had a bunch earlier.

Re: KH 05 trials out of stock until july??

I could do a Profile/DX32 wheel for you with a Yuni frame from UDC (which you could upgrade later to a GB4) if you like… PM me for a quote or email david <<at>>

thanks john. don’t know why i thought that his prices would be US$. also anyone have experience with a bedford trials? better or worse than the KH05?

it really depends on which one you get from Bedford
if you get his frame w/ a KH hub and an Alex Dx32 rim it’d be better than a square-taper hub w/ his frame
i think a KH '05 would be the best because the aluminum frame makes it lighter
i had the same choice to make except in the 24" MUni department, and i got the KH and am LOVING it!!! although a yellow and black bedford would have been sweet too

P.S. I got my KH from bedford and he might still have the trials in stock too even if UDC doesn’t.
I highly recommend him, he does an excellent job :smiley:

Re: KH 05 trials out of stock until july??

are you saying gb4 will make you a uni or he will completely copy Kris’ frame and put his name on it?

He is saying that he would make him a GB4 frame. George would never copy sombody elses design like that. George has his own style of frame.

oh ok i think i was getting my self mixed up with the guy from australia that copied Kris Holme’s 04 frames, sorry about that

yeah, i was talking about George making me a trials frame, not a copy of a KH frame. and it might not matter anymore anyway, i’ve been talking to him in some emails, and he might be able to build me a frame soon-ish. thanks for the input anyway.