KH '05 freeride weight?

Does anyone happen to know how much the KH freeride weighs? I’ve weighed mine on my (pretty inaccurate) bathroom scales and it came up as about 6.5 kg but that sounds a bit light to me.

I need to know as I’m going away next week and have a weight limit of 20 kg’s for my luggage, my uni and a tent.

Cheers ears. says 14.8 lbs for 24"

When I ordered mine 2 weeks ago, I asked the woman to weigh both it and the qu-ax before I made my final decision…I think she told me 15.5 for the KH24…it was “about” 4 lbs lighter than the qu-ax, which she said was “almost” 20 pounds…
Of course, she might have just been trying to get me off the phone…

Re: KH '05 freeride weight?

Weigh yourself then you and the uni then find the difference. That should be fairly accuate. state the Weight: 7.1kg


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I did that but my scales only measure to the nearest half kilo and I’m not too sure how accurate they are, they’re a bit low on batteries.

Cheers for that Innes.

7.1 kilograms = 15.6528206 pounds

If you use’s scales 7kg could equal 15 pounds give or take a couple of pounds. I wouldn’t trust the site for the exact weight but I imagine the cycle is light.