KH '04 spacers

Okay, so recently I destroyed the cranks on my '04 KH due to my own stupidity (I put the wrong crank on the wrong side of the hub, so when
I screwed on the pedals, they stripped the cranks–I felt like an idiot). Anyway, I got some new ones from UDC, but there’s a problem. During the time that my cranks were off my unicycle, I lost one of the spacers. I went to the local bike shop, but the proprietor had no idea what the spacer was, and UDC is out of stock for the '04 KH. Any suggestions for where to get a replacement? I haven’t been able to ride for about a month and a half, and I really want to get back on.

Try Bedford Unicycles.

Get a seatpost of the correct diametre and butcher it in to spacer sized chunks. I’ve seen it done.

Email UDC or Darren Bedford. Im sure either of the two would be happy to help.

Thanks, man. I emailed Darren, and he promptly told me that Bedford has “everything in stock,” and they did. So the spacers are on their way. It’s going to be good to ride again.