KH 03/04 Hub/cranks

Is there anyone who has experience of this product? Is it quality stuff? Any comments on this required. :slight_smile:

I don’t like the cranks on it.But i gues thats taste.
I think its pretty strong but the 05 KH/Onza hub is stronger

It’s good strong stuff. The '03 needs to be denubbed though. The '04 is denubbed with a rounded crank bolt.

Go to product reviews and type in KH hubs/cranks

Yeah it’s a good strong setup, i have the '03 and I’ve never had problems with the nubs, not caught my ankle once. All the ones that can be bought on their own are the '03 and will come with the nubbed cranks.

The nubs are generally only a problem on the trials set ups, 140’s. I’ve had bloody ankles to prove it. But, easy fix:

My KH hub is on a 24" Muni, but i have both 170 and 140 cranks and did alot of trials on it with both sets (before i got a 19")

Thanks everyone so far! I’m quite sure I’m going to get those.

Is it ok to denub them using hacksaw, or are there some special tools for this? And are there any other things to know? :roll_eyes: