Keystone Resort, Colorado - Ride Report

On July 28th Jrutkows and I headed to Keystone for a day of downhill fun.

They were requiring brakes to get on the lift, which was not a problem for us. The lift ticket office told us that two(+) unicyclists had been there before us and that they had to kick them off for riding straight down the ski slope. Anybody want to own up to this one?

We did the following trails, and found them all interesting:

Cowboy Up - Black
TNT - Black
Wild Thing - Double Black
“NEW Trail” ?? - Double Black
River Run Trail - Blue
Mosquito Coast - Blue

They also had numerous free ride obstacles set up at the base of the lift, which did not require a lift ticket to ride. These included skinnies, teeter totters, etc.

Keystone’s Website:

Thanks for the info on Keystone, sounds like it was fun. Too bad someone had blown their oppurtunity to be respectful. Thanks also to Jrutkows and you for being respectful, way to go!!

Now wait just a dad-gum minute here. Do you think we could possibly get a straight answer/policy out of these Vail people? We (Owen, Walt and I) were not allowed on the Keystone lifts last year, with or without brakes. We were able to ride the Beaver Creek lift last month. Zac et al., just went through trying to get on the lift at Vail and they said no (see thread), and it sounded like ‘NO’ for all of the resorts that Vail runs (Vail, Keystone, Beaver Creek, etc). So, now they are letting us on the lift at Keystone? I guess you just need to show up at the lift and be charming (could be a problem for me).

Anyway, sounds like a great time George, we had to walk/ride up last year so we only did a fraction of those trails. We’ll have to try again.