Keyesville video

Ok here goes…I hope I uploaded it correctly. The vid runs about 2 1/2 minutes, and I didn’t add a music track to keep the file size to a minimum. Please forgive my less than stellar camera technique and editing. There are not many “money shots” as the three most skilled riders were out doing there own thing from time to time, so unfortunately I missed a lot of their best stuff. Anyway, here it is. :sunglasses:

Looks like fun - but I think since there was audio that you didn’t really save any space by not “adding any”.

You could have deleted the current audio track and added one of the same quality and have ended up with about the same file size. Just an FYI.

The audio was part of the recording, so I could not “delete” it, only “mute” it and add a music bed. Evertime I tried to delete the talking audio part of the recording (in winXP movie maker) it would delete the WHOLE video!

Ah, then that’d be purely a limitation of the XP Movie Maker. I haven’t used it, myself. I’ve only used things like Adobe Premiere which gives you more control over the audio tracks.

Yeah, Moviemaker is a bit hard to use, but seems to have all the basics that I need starting out; The “trimming” aspect is also not easy to figure out. Most of the editing was done in the “capture” process. My friend gave me copies of Pinnacle 10.1, but it kept “quitting” on me, so that sucks. For now, what MM will have to suffice.

that was pretty sweet…i liked your play by plays lol:P…who was the guy on the 24" he was good.

that was a sweet video

Nice job, Terry! Thats very impressive for your first time! The whole video making process has alot of stuff to figure out. You nailed it all though! I also appreciate you documenting this event for us.

Dear Mr. trials_uni,

The dude On the 24 was me. Hi, my name is Erik. It is very nice of you to compliment me! :slight_smile: Though i must admit i was lucky. I was lucky Terry didnt get any of the other guys on film! hahaha Seriously though, the other guys i rode with were going all out! Jon rode a section that i was even scared to walk!

Not to insult Terry at all, because he did a super job! but most of those little shots were from our warmup before the compition and our cooldown on some rocks afterwards. Only one shot was part of the trials course. All the boys were going off and the lines in the comp were bangin’! :sunglasses:

Once again, Terry, Mucho Thanks and it was a pleasure to meet yoU!

ui was just amazed that you wered ojng so well on that 24" ive never seen anyone do trials on a 24 so it was kool.

Hey Terry,

Thanks a lot for posting the vid!

I’m afraid our video is a bit behind schedule. I was trying to figure out how to get the pro-show software that I like to use to export .avi or .mpg, but I may have to give up and go back to premiere. :o

We all (The Delight clan, Marie, Björn, Magnus Olof and I) all enjoyed riding and hanging out with you in the misty forests of Lake Isabella. I’m sure we’ll meet again on the trail! :smiley:



I’m so happy to have met all of you as well, and I was also really impressed with everybody’s riding skills, and hope that with more practice I can reach a similar level. I look forward to seeing you all again in the near future! :smiley:

Not too shabby for your first video Terry. I couldn’t help but laugh at my appearence in the film though. Yep I just hung around…I got tired of falling off my uni. :roll_eyes: