Kevin McMullin

is awesome…oh yeah

You are so right.
He’s great at street.
He doesn’t crankflip or so but he jumps some mean stairsets and grinds some nasty rails.
Go Kevin. :sunglasses:


He does the sickest grinds I’ve ever seen. Here is a pic of him:D


That’s a cool one Amanda :smiley:


I so feel like taking the piss out of Peter, but I wont. I’m so mature…

DAS or DAZZ, sounds pretty cool… DAZZZZZ, woozah!

Dustin please do not spam this threat, it’s supposed to be about Kevin’s great street work.


Kevin knows that I complete love him.

If we’re going to make this a serious thread, which it doesn’t look like, I might as well make a little summary of why I love Kevin and why he had the honor to sign my dandy unicon shirt.

Kevin has a lazy riding style, it makes things look twice as good.
He can crankflip, but he doesn’t. I love him for that.
He can grind both sides, left and right, awesome skill.
His bluntslide is nice.
When I see him ride street, it kind of inspires me, even though I’m a cruddy street rider.

The rest of my compliments I’ll save for 'The ode to McMullin"


Dustin the Dutch Guy

He can crankflip?
Then he is even beter then I said :sunglasses:
His style is like you said lazy but it looks cool.


Somebody should film him more, and post it here so I can watch it.

Same here.


I like how Kevin is lurking but isn’t posting.

Haha, maybe he’s reading and re-reading this thread over and over…

how much do plaid pants rock? so much

Praise be to Kevin!

It has been said that Kevin McMullin is more than a person.
Kevin is an idea, a philosophy, and a bloody good one at that.

Taking about Kevin can not be a clear representation of what he means to the world as a whole but is merely an attempt to quantisize the greatness that is Kevin.

If you like Kevin then please tell him so that he knows his work is being appreciated and can carry on unicycling beautifully.

Praise be to Kevin!

Kevin is awesome. Great rider, great guy. Legend all round. And his plaid pants rock aloud. And the pic Amanda posted is freakin’ awesome.

Also this one…


[EDIT] Good luck with your Finals!

I love Kevin’s riding style, whether he goes big or not. Whenever I see him riding I love it, hell I have watched that short video he made a crapload of times, not to mention his part in Defect and Spaced Out.

Plus he is Canadian! How cool is that!? Not to mention hes out in Kenya alot for some crazy reason, or is he back now?

Kudos to Kevin.

Kevin is awesome, I saw his vid online years ago and it is still one of my favorites.

do you have a link to that short video previously mentioned?

I think his foot plant crank flip over the stairs might be my favorite part in Defect.