Kevin Kartchner Winter Unicycling! It's Here!

Some of the clips from over the winter.

I don’t like the second song to much so yeah but it was the only one I could think to use.

Hope you like it!


Dam slow internet. I’ll watch it when I can.

try no HD it goes a little faster. If your not already doing that!

Nice job, dude. There was some crazy stuff in there! The flat was great, and you can pull off some massive unispins (1080 on the 12" was awesome), but some of the street was kinda sketchy. If you cut down on the hops, you’re style will be crazy. Keep it up:p

yeah sorry about that! i was just so happy about landing a in-in trey i didn’t even care what they looked like but when i was editing it they really bugged me! thanks eli!

I did not regret watching this vid.

Congrats on the 1 handed doubleback. You touched your foot to the ground on the 1080 on the 12 inch, but still, that was good fun right there. Also congrats on your apparent 5spin consistency.

Great skills! Could please tell me or find out the measurement of those mini skid-type pallets in your video? They look almost exactly like what I want to build! Are the bottom/side boards 2x6? They may be 2x8 I can’t tell, and also please tell me the size of the top piece. Looks close to 2’x2’, which is just the size I was thinking of making. Thanks!:slight_smile:

cool vid :smiley: 1080… :astonished:
nice flips (but try to get more flow…)

that was at my friends house so ill have to go over there to get those measurements and im leaving for moab in a couple of hours but ill get that for you asap.

nice vid man, style is diffenatly on the way to perfection :stuck_out_tongue: im not to kean on the second song ether.

BTW the 1080 was mad!

very nice riding, some very good tricks in it !! and an insane 1080 :astonished: :slight_smile:

Good film and great riding… cool.

Church had already been used in LIFE. And I didn’t really like the remix of Original Prankster either. The original version would have been better I think.

The flat combos were cool, so was the double backflip. Maybe you should try changing your location, but I understand it was a winter video. The editing was nice and entertaining.

Good video !


nice video man. what kind of camera do you use?

winter and t-shirt – very cool!!

Yeah, thats why I didn’t want to use Church for the whole video. Yeah sorry about that second song i’ll get a better song for my next vid!

Thanks for the comments everyone!

i really liked the vid!

the 720 and flat looked really good.

the full out flip looked great as well:)

Lol you may aswell build a house! :slight_smile: