Kevin Kartchner "Summer Time, Uni Time" Street/Flat

Hey everyone!

Here is just a little video from this summer and earlier this year. Mostly just for fun.

I did a little promo for at the end. Which is a site for extreme sports to post videos and photos. Vooray also sells clothing for the active lifestyle. There clothes are way tight! Its really cool what they have going so I encourage all of you to post your videos there and check it out.

Hope you all enjoy it. :smiley:

Watch in HD

sweet vid :smiley:

that fifthflip was really clean :wink:

The vimeo version is set to private.

EDIT: I just saw the youtube version. Really nice, the fifthflip was really cool. But I was distracted by the little girl in the background who was trying to be seen, the first couple of times I watched it. :slight_smile:

haha yeah my little sister thinks its fun to get in and wave at the camera haha thanks though!

haha thanks ill try to get an outfifth so i can keep up with you and eli! :stuck_out_tongue:

really nice vid i liked the grind and the fifhtflip;)

Liked the vid. grats on 5th flip

To lazy to check, how big was the grinded set?

haha thanks felix!

it was an 8 set round rail thanks!

Thanks! Is it still private?

Nice, man. Awesome style. Fifthflip was so clean. Handrail was awesome and the 9(?) set was cool too. Awesome video:)

Just a hickdouble.

Thanks eli!yeah it was a 9 set. Thanks again for all the comments! :smiley: