Kevin Kartchner SPRING!

Short video from the last few weeks!

Thanks to Olaf for uploading to UTV!

Also special thanks to Colby, Eli, Will, Locke, Taylor, Spencer Daines, Raphi, Spencer Hochberg and everyone else who unicycles!

I hope you enjoi!

Awesome! :slight_smile: that was some sweeeet flip tricks! But i dont like your frame… looks silly :stuck_out_tongue:

Loved it Kevin, some really sick tricks in there. I want to see you make more videos.


trey-triple was beast… :smiley: and was the song a remix of ‘the funeral’ by Band of Horses??

Oh my Lanta!

Gall Kevin this video is fantastic! I love the riding. Soooo clean and effortless. I’m soooo jealous of your flips. They all look soooooo fast! I CANNOT WAIT for this summer man. We’re going to land some HUGE stuff! :smiley:

And tell Spencer nice filming :smiley:

Love ya bud!


Dude such a sick vid! loved it!! great editing and nice song. and it think you frame looks sick i should do something similar :roll_eyes:

were they quads up and down the curb at the start? :open_mouth:

dude you flip so fast! that was an awesome video :smiley:

Smooooth as!

But I gotta say… Good example of why street looks so much better then flatland street lol, if you know what I mean. Can’t wait to street ride with you at NAUCC.

Sick, Kevin! I can’t wait to watch you ride street at NAUCC while I ride flat in an area nearby :slight_smile:

I WILL FIND THOSE PICTURES. Someday, I’ll locate them hahahahaha.

Awesome video! You make the flips look unbelievably easy!

Oh god lol

Thanks :slight_smile: and yeah it was a remix of that song!

haha no just triples. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Chris! I’m super pumped for NAUCC! We need to push each other to go super big! :smiley:

haha typi eli :wink: dude please find them! i’m so frustrated about that haha Thanks bro!

Thanks Everyone :slight_smile: I will be gone for the next 2 weeks to Europe (Rome, Athens, Island of Cyprus) To visit my grandparents, but expect more videos from me in the future :slight_smile: