Kevin Kartchner Sponsorship Request -UTV

Enjoi. :slight_smile:

Best of luck to everyone else trying for the UTV sponsorship!

YouTube disabled audio.

-Kevin Kartchner

Sweet! Great editing and riding, don’t like the music much though :slight_smile:

opening couple of shots looked real nice. u have a nice style but the first line wouldve been better if u reduced the number of hops. same goes for a couple of those other flat tricks.
first song wasnt the best but u saved urself with Kid Cudi i thought. i dont usually like that type of music but Kid Cudi just seems to work it for me for some reason.

Mmk dude. You have the tricks, now you just gotta put them to better use :P. Too many flips in my oppinion. Was only like one or two clips that wasn’t a fliptrick?

Other then that, sick tricks man you’ve improved like mad and you’re way up there.

Yeah i see what you’re saying, thanks Chris, I’ll definently remember that for my next video! I do need to get more creative!


I didn’t like the first one to much either, thats why i cut it at 1 minute haha i can never find good uni vid songs haha

Thanks Isaac!

very nice spinns and flips!

Daaaaaang dude. You really pulled out the big ones, eh? Fifthdub, 9hundo (cleanest ever done), fifthside, treytriple, tripleback. You’ve got solid big tricks, and you can manage well with stairs around. Also your style is also quite awesome. :stuck_out_tongue:

Killin it brah, CHEF DELUXE!1!!

KILLIN IT awesome edit and insane riding !

The second song was really awesome. Beginning to end was real sweet. I would’ve liked to see less flips IMHO. But it was really creative. Are you riding a Qu-ax seatpost now you broke your frame? Everything was really cool.


And yes i’m riding my friends Qu-ax frame and seat post and my sisters Plastic nimbus saddle :stuck_out_tongue:

that is sooo tight dude! your style is clean and awesome. :smiley:

you’ve got some awesome tricks man! but the video would be alot better if your “lines” were really lines, ie you didnt stop and hop into the right place before doing the second part. i think that alot of making a video good is the flow, just try the line a few more times to get it without any hops :slight_smile: totally worth it.

Awesome work though man :slight_smile:

Kevin Freakin Kartchner…

three words…


such nice riding complimented with a nice edit and filming. You are such a fun rider to watch! Thanks for making such a nice video! I really hope you get the sponsorship man. You’re so talented.:slight_smile:

Very clean tricks! I liked the editing, but sometimes it was kinda hard to see what was going on :stuck_out_tongue:
The music was okay, I guess ^^