Kevin Kartchner (Green Spirit) Street/Flat

Here is a little vid I filmed from the last couple of days.

I got my new Green Spirit Frame yesterday so I filmed at my school.

Not to good of riding or editing but I like it.

Drop a comment.

niice video kevin!
love the end :smiley:

Nice video :slight_smile:
Whats the orange framed uni your using in the video?

Thanks :smiley:

It’s my little sisters Club unicycle frame. Barely fit the tire. I used it while i didn’t have a frame. :stuck_out_tongue:

no , i have to search a new song for my new video :stuck_out_tongue:
cool riding and awesome style

I like the vid, but you broke a KH frame and now you’re switching for a green spirit? funny.

The only reason i got it is because I got it for 99$ at Renegade Juggling. And KOXX is da besssst.

I get a new KH for free anyways under a warrenty.

Thanks i’m glad you like the video though Emile! :slight_smile:

Sweet deal. But at the moment, I do not agree with you last sentence. I think it’s currently at it’s worst.

Chris Huriwai is on the team soooo therefore… its da besssst! :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

+1 :smiley:

I think its funny how people always bash Koxx-One when they never had one… :stuck_out_tongue:

I forgot to say awesome vid!

I really like your style :wink:

strongly agree.

p.s. nice vid kev. :wink:

Yup Koxx is the best… nuff said

Nice vid man! Was that an out double at 1:10? Regardless that had some style.

Nice short video.

:thinking: Was this just a small onetime thing or are they selling them at that price still? I got to get myself a new frame still.

Yeah I did the same thing before i got one :o :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah thanks I really like the whole Koxx-One team!!!

Yeah it was a out double. And thanks!

Email Tom and renegadejuggling I think its still goin. I dono what ones they have left.

Kevin your style is sexy. And so is your unicycle.

Keep ridin’ broski.

sorry :o

Thanks though!

I really like the song :smiley:

your sexy! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Eli!

Hahaha let’s keep this family forum clean, Kevin. XD

I have one and i say the current generation of Kris holms are better then the current versions of Koxx-One available in the U.S. They certainly have better aspects to them though and could be just as good in the future.

And nice video Kevin.