Sorry if someone form keukly wanted to post this, it just is so good and there is less than 40 views… More people need to watch it now!

I saw this video a little before you post, reallly nicee

That acid drop in the beginning was huge.

Holy crap! that drop toward the beginning was one of the biggest I’ve seen-landed or not-but I can’t believe he did that to dead flat and side hop down! :astonished: A miracle he didn’t destroy his wheel/hub/cranks let alone severely injure himself!:o

Why would you even want to do that?

Fantastic video! Insane drop… GOOD JOB!:smiley:

Drops were silly. You should always do them rolling. Or atleast not sideways…
The static rails were silly aswell…


Quadflip was insane, nice loic. The 360 body varial was sick and the hand positioning was cool. More crazy creative flat from loic, the tire hop combo was sweet. Mats style is awesome, I liked all of his riding. Crankflips out of handrails were sweet. Flip over the rail was nice too.
Frontflip dissmount was interesting too lol.

Very good vid.

The filming is excellent, it must have been done by people who wanted a good film. Or on accident but w/e I love it.

Now for the negitives.

Bad filming on the quad flip. Need to get that closer yo! Who cares about the body with that trick? It’s all about the wheel!!!

Maybe those big drops shouldn’t be done. They’re not cool. Just dangerous.

Didn’t like the cam qual consistency. In the fact that there was none.

Roll into rails please. If not just looks really dumb.


Most progessive flat lines. Love to see interesting moves rather than longer lines. The unispin line was sick. Could tell that was just a move to counter Krisz for his 630/180/270. You two play off of each other a lot. It’s interesting.

The little sloped line, 180, fakie 180 lateflip off was the sickest line with least difficulty i’ve ever seen. Looked easy, but super flowy. Good looking clip.

some super crazy stuff in there! i liked it!

Thats a good point, I think this is something that sponsors should help out with on their better riders. Koxx should hook Loic up with a nice camera so they can get footage of one of their best riders.

Awesome riding but I agree with shaun, the camera makes it so much less awesome than it could be.

That was so awesome!! Loic Baud is god! I can see him progressing street and flat so much, especially flat. And he’s only 15 right?! The 720 sidespin was insane, the 270-360-450 was so sweet.

But I’m agreeing with everyone else that those drops were incredibly stupid. But I was laughing pretty hard when I saw that first one. Lmao he just drops off the edge sideways, doesn’t jump outwards or anything. And the quad flip was badly filmed, I could hardly tell it was a quad flip, I had to watch it a lot of times.

Still, insane video, especially Loic’s part.

I’d rather have the video camera quality sub-par, than sup-par riding and state of the art HD cam used. Of course it’s best to have both.:slight_smile:

Loic, where have you been all my life?!

Some wicked skills there. I normally don’t enjoy watching any flat as I find it quite boring, but this video had enough happening in it to make it very entertaining.

Those large drops were insane.


Mats style is awesome.

Siiick! These guys are pushing it to the limit. I’m really looking forward to their next vid!

insane. i loved the quad, 7 sidespin and the sex change triple.

oh ya and the huge flip over the rail.

I think it was kind of a mix between a hicktriple and sexchange triple… A hickchange triple.
Adrien did the 7sidespin, right?

Oh, and did anyone else notice Loic has a laced cover?

Hi every one,

i was going to post our video when i saw that, all your comments are welcome !

For questions :

Yes, adrien did the 720 side spin.
Loic ride with a laced cover that he built him self(it was a normal cover and he added laces when he bought a CF seat base).
Mihretu made some huge drops, he likes it and he isn’t afraid by “highness”( :thinking: )