Keukly Team - May 2009

New Keukly vid from France !
Here’s links to watch it :
Youtube :

vimeo : Keukly team on Vimeo

Enjoy !

just awesome :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

this vid is sick mihrets drop was crazy and the 900 awesome clean the flips in this vid wer sick too

180°underflip and rolling 900°unispin were the most insane tricks I’ve ever seen… and the rest was just insane :smiley:

I’m speechless, best movie ever, not even kidding, that was amazing.

rolling 900 :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

Amazing video, amazing tricks

Can you tell us who Dylan, Micka, Dju, and Mattias are? I don’t know who is who… (just tell what time each one does a trick)

Dylan : The guy with a black domina and white tire (For example at 1:42, he did a tripleflip)
Dju : The man at the beginning (wraproll to varialroll)
Mattias : The guy at 0:42 with a black domina and try all t-shirt
Micka : At 0:16, 1:08, 1:53 for instance

Omg! That drop at the end was the most amazing part…and he landed it! But it looked like he hurt his ankle which is not surprising from that height, which looked like at least 8 feet! :astonished: It’s hard to tell since the fisheye makes it look even higher than it actually is. Wow though!

dju is the one with the silver uni with the green rim i think(he did a 360 backroll wraproll 360 at the beginning and dylan is the one that did a double back flip and with the black uni with white tire and matthias did a hop over the beginning and i don´t know about micka

Underflip and the hick over the bench where my favourties. Reay nice!


Mattias’s 720 looked so nice.
And Loïc’s 180 rev-flip looked crazy sick.

That drop measure 3m50, i think it’s 11,5 feet. He broke his malleolus at the end of the video

great vid and amazing trixs!:slight_smile:

Soo sick vid…

cleanest 900 i’ve ever senn :astonished:

Loic’s style is soooo cool :roll_eyes:

Editing was also very nice :wink:

Keep it up!


very very cooool :sunglasses:

WOOOOW! The best unicycle video ever! Nice editing & amazing tricks!

The hicktripleback was sick and the flatland was even more sick!

how is a rev-flip?

Siick! 900 rolling pretty clean :astonished: :astonished:

Awesome flat! Nice job on this video!

So sick. 180flip underflip was my fave clip. Outflip over the bench was really nice too. Rolling 9 and all of Loics awesomely clean, creative flat.
Loic is the man, such an awesome style.
Getting a lil bored of Mihrets drops though. Is that all he does when he rides?

I want a solo Loic vid.

This is my new fave video.