I’ve been working a bit on learning to ride one-footed, and this evening my
Schwinn decided to help me out…I was outside this evening goofing around and
as I was transitioning from riding backwards to forwards, the axle broke - right
where it enters the right crank. If you’ve never had that happen, the experience
kind of feels like having your foot suddenly fall off as you start to climb some
stairs. Surprise! I suppose I must have weakened it from all of the hopping that
I have been practicing lately. Geez, I thought Schwinns were supposed to be

I’d like to try to repair this myself, if possible. I’ve always enjoyed
repairing my bicycles and I’ve done just about everything there is to do short
of fixing a broken frame, but I’d appreciate some advice on what is involved in
this kind of repair and the best approach to take:

  • should I order the replacement part from a Schwinn dealer? Or is there
    something more durable that is available (that will fit a Schwinn frame).

  • BIG QUESTION: is the axle and hub a one-piece unit (meaning: I’m going to have
    to re-lace the wheel - ugh) or can I just buy the axle?

  • I already know that it is going to be fun getting those snap-rings off. What
    about the bearings? Are they a press-fit on the axle? If so, how do I remove
    them and then reinstall them on the new axle?

  • Should I also replace the bearings while I’m at it?

This doesn’t sound like a simple project. Someone tell me I’m wrong!!!