Keny Banks unicycle video

check out Keny’s new unicycle video.

awesome vid. that ending drop was huge!

And I hope this isn’t sacrilegious to do in the community…but if you guys are interested, we also did a bike day with Keny this summer.

nice work boys, lookin good

Nice Kenny! Justin and I have to come up there to film in the spring! Better yet we should do a B.C road trip this summer a UDC canada road trip!

P.S loving the profiles and pedals

Sick riding.

I love this video. That last drop… :astonished:

Any ideas on when the Keny Banks/Mike Parenteau video is coming out?

sweet that huge drop was sweet.

last drop is sick man

Awesome ramp drop at the end.

those were some huge drops! but that was basically all the video really had. needs more than just drops. and imo the music was horrible, i muted it

I dont like that Mr Banks lives so close, yet he hasnt ridden muni with us.
But the same could be said of Mr Kohse.

I would’ve liked to have seen more muni than just drops.

How high is the last drop?

Ps: awesome riding :smiley:

probably cause its in the full movie…

and yeah i know, i should come out with you guys more. But all i do is work!
you might have to kidnap me one weekend so ill step away.

Decent video. Good riding. Would have liked to see some different riding though.

I really liked the “what did you have for breakfast” part in that second video.
Other than that, it was uncalled for on this unicycle forum.

“There no nutritional value. Its not even really the flavor. Its the texture of those little chunks, I dont even know if they are real fruit. But they gotta feel right.”

Makes me smile