Kentucky Muni Weekend...

This post will be very long. Don’t say I didn’t warn you before you started reading.

Billham (from PA) and I (chirokid from TN) decide to get together for a Muni ride. We did a little research and picked a location in NW Kentucky. This made the drive about 5 hours for both of us.

A State Park in the Daniel Boone National Forest called Zilpo Recreation Area was our destination. We both arrived late on this past Thursday night and headed back to our families on Sunday afternoon. This gave Bill and I a full 2 1/2 days of Muni fun. We managed to get in 19 miles of great Muni riding over this time.

Early Friday morning we rode around a trail that bordered the edge of a peninsula, looking out across a beautiful, yet choppy lake. Just before we hit the trail, a strong storm blew in, complete with thunder and lightening. We made about a mile before we both agreed, soaking wet, to seek shelter. Bill seemed to ride great in the rain, even over the slick roots and rocks. I, on the other hand, was totally intimidated by the wet stuff. Later in the day, after much rainfall, we were ready of our next adventure. We drove to the “top” of the park, a place known as Tater Knob. Right on top of Tater Knob is a fire tower. After climbing to the top of the tower, too look at nothing but total cloud coverage, we were off for some trail riding again. We rode our Munis the lenght of the Tater Knob access road, then swung onto the water logged trails. What a mess. Just to get on the trail required riding through what looked like a swamp. But, we had a great time. At the end of this trail, a gentle winding single track, we arrived back at the Tater Knob Parking lot. From the edge of the parking area, another trail shot off “DOWN” through the wood, and Bill was Gung Ho. I followed along. What a great trail. We got to experiment with long down hills. Hills that were totally covered with mud, rocks, roots, tree limbs and plenty of horse poop. When we finally reached an expecially nasty looking section of steep down hill, we decided to turn around and HIKE to the top. I say hike because that is what I mostly did, Bill rode a lot of the way. He took me to school on how to ride up hills, thanks Bill! Bill is also great at jumping over logs. I walk over logs. :frowning:

Day Two brought extremely wet conditions, but we were in for some great fun. We had decided to use both vehicles, therefore being able to set up down hill rides for the whole day. Our first ride was down Zilpo Mountain Trail. This was a gentle trail of very narrow and tight single track for the first 3 or 4 miles. This section of trail included a ton of creek crossings. What a blast to ride down the creek bank, through the creek and up the other bank. Well, actually, I watched Bill do this over and over, I just attempted them. This ride then turned into double track for the next 2 1/2 miles. This double track was in the woods, crossing the stream many more times and crossing several fields. We rode up on two Turkey hunts that were stunned by seeing two guys on one wheels in the woods. By noon, the trail was fading to just fields and we came to a dead-end at the lake. We took a well deserved break and had some lunch. Afterward, we reversed the trail and rode about 1/2 way back up the trail, then took the Tater Knob Trail STRAIGHT UP to our awaiting vehicle. From the lake to the tallest Mountain top Tower in the area, what a morning.

We then shifted the cars around for our next ride. This ride was an extremely steep ride over mostly horse trails. The trails were still wet and muddy, with large rocks everywhere. Roots would have 12" to 18" drop offs on the far sides, with the edge of the trail rolling off the side of the mountain. (Yes, Bill and I both took our tumbles off the sides of the trail). We were both riding very good by this time, riding off most of the drops cleanly. We were cleaning sections of trail that upon first viewing we would say, “No way!” Then we would both proceed to ride perfectly. The rocks, the drops, the skinnies… we were having a great time. Then we discovered the trail from the Moon. This trail was a crossover trail that was STRAIGHT DOWN. No switch backs at all. The higher we toted our unis up this trail, the more we laughed. Could we ride back down this trail? When we finally turned around to attempt the decent, we both had great rides. We took some really good pictures. I hope Bill can figure out how to share them on this forum soon.

As we were riding out the bottom of this valley, me met 4 guys on horseback. They were so taken back by what they were seeing, I thought they might fall off their horses. They left us with almost every Unicycle cliche you have ever heard. Just as the last horseback rider was almost out of sight, I heard him say, “I’ve seen it all now!” :smiley: A few rolling hills later I had a UPD as I rode throught a long mud puddle. Where did I land, but square in a pile of horse poop. Whew, did my right hand STINK!

Our final day of riding was to be short, so we could both get home in time to see our families. What we decided to do was repeat this 3 mile down hill ride again. That is exactly what we did. Overall, we had a great Muni Weekend. Tons of riding, tons of fun!

Oh, for those of you still reading, just one more tid-bit. On the Trial from the Moon, I was about to ride into a deeply cut-out section of trail, very steep and just before a creek crossing. I UPD’ed on an invisible something and slam into a 5" diameter dead tree, then I flip off into the ravine. My uni staying on top of the drop-off. Then, KaBoom!!! The top of the dead tree that I have just slammed had broken off and lands, in three pieces, right on top of my Muni!!! We took some pictures, but you had to be there to believe it.

Bill and I are already talking about the 2nd Annual Kentucy Muni Weekend, April 2005. Anyone what to join us in the fun? --chirokid–

Well, that pretty much answers the PM I sent you earlier today, so don’t feel obligated to respond.

If I go next time, make sure you scout out some trails sans horse poop. I am a baby about mud, I don’t even want to think about a face ful of horse $hit!:smiley: Did you have access to showers!

Sounds like you had a good time, and I have a lot of work to do before getting schooled by the both of you. Bad enough I got taked to school be everyone in Memphis, but now I have to add Bill to the list as well.

So did the Uni survive the tree unscathed? What about you? I am putting in a request early for a rainfree weekend. :wink: I thought Memphis was were you went to paly in the MUC.

Ditto. It was a great weekend! I think at times we actually had more fun because of the rain. Saturday was beautiful as was Sunday morning for most of the ride. So the rain didn’t ruin the fun. Chirokid charged into the thickest deepest mud he could find while I looked for the “cleaner” route around the mud. I was surprised at how well he could plod through even the thickest mud. It was fun to watch him fall into the mud too!

Chirokid didn’t mention the many wildflowers that were in bloom. We estimate at least 20 different flowers were in bloom. What a beautiful area. Even when we had to walk a section it was fun to be in the woods and enjoy the scenery.

My photos are still in the camera, on film. I think I’ll get them developed and put onto a disk also so I can post the good ones. I haven’t done a gallery set up yet, but I’m sure I can learn.

Chirokid gets the award for most improved over the weekend. His hill climbing improved dramatically when he started to hold his saddle for extra power.

I’ll post pics soon, but still have to use up the rest of the film. Time to get a digital camera.


Hi Bill, time to finish up that roll of film. How about the video, was it good or not? Did little BillieHam enjoy seeing her daddy riding in the mud/woods?

Bugman, Bill and I really had a great time. Sure wish you could have had the weekend off so you could have made the trip too. And yes, we did have showers. There was a bath house right beside our campsite. Hot showers were plentiful. Billham pulled his pop-up camper to the site and we stayed in it. Having the bath house right next door make getting clean easy.

You asked if the tree hurt the unicycle. Not at all. One piece of the tree actually was standing up through the spokes of the wheel. I thought the limb had hit perfectly between the spokes, but it had not. The spoke actually split the limb longways. It was truely amazing to see. Again, the limb/tree was rotten, but still it was amazing to see the limb just split around the spoke. Again, no damage to the unicycle. --chirokid–


I finished up the roll of film tonight and will get it developed. Video looks good, but is on tape (non-digital) and I have no way to transfer to computer. I’ll send you a copy of what we shot. It’ll be sent when I get the photos developed. I’ll send them all together via the US Postal service.

My daughter liked what she saw and wants to go next time. I told her she needs to get better and now she wants to ride more. We went to the park tonight and she did many long rides with her best at about 250 feet. That’s my girl! Now I need to get her motivated to work on her fremount.

By the way I added some video of her to the copy of the weekend. A little bonus footage for your girls to watch. I think we may need to plan a family get together so the girls can ride together.

Bugman, Tommy T and all other Tenn people - you gotta join us the next time. Any riders out there from Kentucky?



Hi Bill, I can hardly wait to get the video. Sounds like your young daughter is going great with the riding. 250 ft is awesome. My 5 year old has been getting in some great rides too.

A family friendly ride does seem in order. I eagerly await the videos and pictures. --chirokid–

Nice write-up, Chiro. I missed this thread the first time. It is good to see more people getting together for rides.