Kenda Unicycle?

I want to buy a new mountain unicycle, but I don’t want a crazy expensive one, so I went on to Craigslist. There is one item that is a “Kenda Municycle” for a very cheap amount of money. I tried doing research but couldn’t find anything. Does Kenda make unicycles?


Kenda makes tires, as far as I know, they are not in the unicycle market at all. Maybe post the add so we can look at it?

my guess is that any stickers that indicated the brand are long since gone, and the only branding left is on the tire. Kenda makes tires.

Here’s the add

Here’s the add. I asked the seller and he/she doesn’t know anything about it.

It looks like an old Yuni, or Nimbus 2 frame. The V-Brakes are kind of hard to see, but it looks like they are on a strap on mount like the DNA adapter. If they are on welded studs it might be a Qu-Ax.

It is really old tech at this point as it is probably a minimum of 10 years old. It looks like a great uni for cruising around with a street tire. If it’s in the $100 range it wouldn’t be a bad deal. Any more, and I would say save your money and get something a bit more robust if you are really planning on MUni.

Seller’s asking $150. (Thanks Google!) I bought a 26" steel Nimbus muni from the Trading Post on this site a few years ago and built up a 29"/700c wheel with a Rhyno Lite rim not long afterward, which lived in that frame for a while until I got a 2nd frame for dedicated street use. I rode many happy miles on pretty close to that exact setup and can’t think of much bad to say about it.

That particular tire is in the unhappy valley for me, not as narrow as I like on the road (put a 37-42 mm townie/tandem/touring tire on that rim for big fun on pavement and easy trails) and not as fat I like for real muni (really need a wider rim for that.) But those parts together would be worth the asking price for someone getting in the game on a budget. Nothing fancy but all solid stuff.

$150 sounds like a good price. It doesn’t sound like a screaming deal, but the uni is certainly a solid ride, and much better than if you spent that much on a new one.