Kenda Nevegal 29x2.2

Last week I fitted a Kenda Nevegal 29x2.2 to my uni. It had a worn big apple before this.

Riding on roads with it pretty hard, it’s good. Quite aggressive tread but runs quite smooth when inflated hard. I reckon it would wear out quick tho.

I took it to a MTB place (Drumlanrig) and was quite surprised at how grippy it is. ++ This was my first muni on a 29" ++ There was a good 3 inches of mud over pretty much everything, but grip below. It did do a bit of sliding around sideways but that was mainly due to me being out of practise of uni-ing generally and not being used to the 29 fully.

When I first set off, I stopped to let some air out (it was still hard for the road), and rode off down the road to find the tracks. Aha! A track off to my right, turn quickly, tyre folds, pings back, throws me off. Stopped to put some air back in and it was ok. I don’t know what PSI it was at.

There was lots of rooty sections too and I kept coming off cos I thought the tyre would slip, and was expecting it to, but it didn’t slip once. Preparing for a slip was enough to throw me off.

Last night, I went out on the road again, well… the cycle path. I hadn’t put any more air back in, instantly I noticed it felt much better than other nights on cycle path. It was quite hard to turn tho, unless I was really smooth I could feel the tyre bending and wanting to ping me again. Then it threw me off into some gravel just cos I was going fast! Altho I think this was my fault really!

I think this is a good tyre as it is really grippy, has a good fit and grip on the rim, and is wide enough for a bit of bouncing. The sidewalls could be a wee bit thicker but from what I read/hear it is much better than other offerings.

I think for me personally, I need a wider rim and the tyre would be great.

Uni specs:
cheap 29" curved crown frame
127mm steel cranks cro-mo hub
Rigida 29" rim - 27mm wide (I think - it’s quite narrow anyway!)
Kenda Nevegal 29" tyre
Kenda 29" innertube
wellgo V8 copy pedals
standard KH saddle - think I might upgrade to a nice flat street one soon!


The KH 29er rim would probably make a huge difference in your experience.

I think this is the tyre I got with the BA stock with my KH29… (I thought it was meant to be a kenda ‘‘klaw’’, but hey).

I like the tyre a lot.
It doesn’t fold for me, but I run it with a high ish PSI (a little bit of bounce) because I find this nice for road riding, and equally nice for Muni - as the freeride seat absorbs some shock from bumps and the wheel size helps roll over them.

I prefer it to the BA (2.35(?)) because of the road crown issues - I don’t get any with the kenda nevegal, I can just ride straight :). What’s more, I like to have a bit of resistance and tyre noise while i’m riding, or it’s just boring!

I would say avoid the Nevegal.

It’s a great tire for a bike if you NEVER do skids.

But on a Unicycle, which tends to be hopped on quite often, it’s going to wear down FAST.

EDIT: Oh and the sidewalls are like 1/1000th the thickness of paper :roll_eyes:

Well i’ve done a couple of hundred miles on mine and it hasn’t worn much…

Interesting, every Nevegal I’ve seen that’s been used for any amount of time is usually nearly bald.