Kenda Kolossal?

I had the good fortune to be given this 24 x 2.6 tire recently. Looking back through the archives I see that it was a moderately popular MUni tire a few years ago. I’m curious whether there are still any riders that run this tire today.

In trying out the Kolossal on the road I found it to be nimble to the point of belligerent. It tended to respond rather sharply to directional adjustments.

I haven’t tried the tire off road yet but I suspect the snappy turniness of the tire would be dampened by the less even terrain.

yeah it will, but mostly from the lower pressure in it for the dirt.

the best street/trail tyre ive ever rode is the Arrow Wide-bite 3.0 (i bought it new last year and still have it! that must be somthing eh?)

LOL :slight_smile:

I have a 26" Kenda Kolossal on my DM ATU. I don’t ride that uni much any more, but there haven’t been any complaints from the many people who have used it since then. It’s not a Gazz, but it’s a lot cheaper and a lighter-duty dirt tire. I wouldn’t expect great performance on pavement since that’s not its intended surface.

Good point about the pavement John. Yes, I need to take the tire off road.

I got several of those on $5 close-out price,and it sucks on pavment.It goes dadadadadadadadada.But it works well on loose dirt,loose sand,and bumpies.but,the only other tire i ever had was the kenda k-rad,so…:smiley:

Just curious,how much did it cost before it went on close out?The reason they are so cheap is because their all warped and twisted.Must of left them in the sun or somthing.

I switched from the Kenda to the Gazz 26x2.6 a couple of years ago and haven’t looked back. But neither works that well on pavement.

Okay.I bought 2 more(4 total)while they were on sale,and i also got one in “stick-e” rubber.Its softer,more rebound rubber.I was just wondering,what would the sick-e rubber be used for?What kind of terrain would softer rubber be best on?

I got a 24x2.6 stick-e when they went on close out, and I liked it quite a bit. It was a much better replacement for my 2.125 street tire, considering I like to do a lot of stairhopping, short drops, and muni on it. I think it performs quite well, and I kinda like the dadadadadadadada sound. :slight_smile: Makes me ride faster just to hear it. I haven’t really had a good chance to take it on a good muni ride, but the offroad I have done, it performed pretty well. Good at soaking up bumps. I did get to take it snow-riding Saturday, and it went pretty well in that too. I also got it for the $5 closeout price, so that was nice. I would recommend it for those who don’t want to spend a lot, or need it as a spare.