Kenda Kolossal question

well nobody wanted to but my whole pile of uni-crap in the yard sale thread,so i guess im going to build the pile up into a MUni.

is the Kenda Kolossal a good tire for $30 bucks or is there a better 26x2.6 option for $30?

I’m not sure what it costs retail but I like the Tioga Factory DH 26x2.5 better. It is slightly rounder (corners better), and the tread is not directional, so that I’m not sacrificing DH for UH or vice-versa.

I think they are in the same cost range though. I bought it through the local b*** shop.

thanx U-turn

is there anyone else who could comment on the Kenda Kolossal at $30 bucks?

is anyone still riding this tire?

Are you planning to repair and use the Wilder adapter? If not, I’d like to buy it. Is the Reeder handle in your plans as well?
I know you wanted to sell the whole pile but I just don’t have any use for the other stuff.

no,im not a welder.what are you offering $$? do you have any trade?

im not sure about the Reeder,i may be using it.


I have the very 24" tire that I switch onto my Sem XLW and BFR before we go camping. I don’t have a dedicated Muni which is okay because I don’t do much Muni. At the campground, the tire works very well in the dirt and grass, obviously much better than my IRC Metro that I ride on in the gym. I’ve not ridden any other knobbies so don’t have much to compare it to. As far as other tires being rounder, the roundness of every tire that I sit on disappears for some reason… :slight_smile:

Not much help but my input to you is that it works for me.


I have the Kenda on my DM ATU. It’s a great tire for the money. Plenty of grip. It’s lighter in weight, and lighter on the wallet than the Gazz of same size. Also it rides much better on pavement than the Gazz.

If your riding requires you to be on pavement some of the time but you still want to concentrate on dirt, this is a great tire.

>do you have any trade?<

I’ve got a brand new red Odyssey A brake in the box. (I thought it might work with a 3" Gazz but it won’t.) I never used it. I don’t really have a lot of uni stuff to offer in trade, just a load of mountain bike stuff.
If you don’t need or want the brake, I’ll give you twenty for the adapter as long as none of the pieces are bent. From what I remember, you said it just fell apart at the weld points.

thanx John and Yoopers.i know all i need to know now.i’m gonna try and put my pile together cheaply and that Kenda is a good price.

how bout that A-brake and 20 bucks,then i’ll pay shipping…nothing is bent…

" how bout that A-brake and 20 bucks,then i’ll pay shipping…nothing is bent…"

I offerred an either/or and you countered with an ALL !
Let’s see, I would have to ship the brake with this deal so… I’ll pay to ship the brake, plus the remainder of the 20 bucks and you take care of shipping me the Wilder parts?

If you want to add the Reeder handle, I’ll throw in an extra 20.


well i dont realy need the the A-brake,i was just testing the waters…im not sure if i’ll never use the Reeder again so i better keep that for now.

$20+5 for shipping and the adapters yours…

Okay, it’s a deal.
Contact me through the site with your shipping info etc…
Frank A.

ok cool,check your private messages for my address.