Kenda Klossal DH Tyres on special + Kenda 24x3" tyres

For those of you in the USA these tyres are selling real cheap for $5 each. Quite a bargain! They come in a 24 x 2.6" size in standard and special ‘stick-e’ rubber, though the stick-e version appears to weigh some 700g more than the standard.

See the Kenda USA site

They also have three different24 x 3" slicks. Has anyone tried these tyres?

I am mostly interested in the Flame and the Kraze 24x3 tires. I want to have a cruiser wheel and a muni wheel separate, but I am short on cash and only want my cruiser for riding, no abuse whatsoever. Anyone know if those two are what I am looking for? I want 24x3.0 but I need an it to be an economical slick.

I have both the Kenda Flame 24x3 and a Hoggy G 24x3.45.
The Kenda Flame tracks straighter and is wider than the Hoggy G,
In my opinion, the Kenda Flame beats the Hoggy G hands down and a shop here in town sells the Kenda for $21.99

Do you think the kolossal will fit in the old torker dx frame?will the top clear the frame?

Can anyone geuss?

probably not, but i’d have to measure/look at it first.