Kenda Kinetics 24x2.6 stik-e $11.00 on the Kenda US site.

I was just looking at the Kenda USA website, and they have a weekly special page. I know the Kinetics isn’t the widest tire, but if anyone out there likes it you can get them from Kenda for $11.00 US.

I noticed its the rear tread pattern though.
It appears they have a few other good deals as well, including the kenda kinetics 26x2.35 (wire bead) for $2.00!
Could also use one of those mini pumps and a few patch kits… :slight_smile:

I bought it, hope its OK! Does rear matter?

$11 is a helluva good deal, even though it’s not 3" wide, but 2.6 is pretty close! :slight_smile:

I had that tire for a little while and was really disappointed in it, ended up giving it away. It is the tire that comes with the Torker DX. If you are on a budget and need a new tire you would be hard pressed to find another widish tire in that price range.

Kenda Kinetics 24x2,6" is just 1050g so 500g less compared to the Duro 24x3" (1495g.
I rode one on my KH24" some weeks ago but could not accustom to it because of less volume and less inertia, in fact the strong reduction in inertia makes I could not climb half wheel turn by half in strong climbing. I installed again my Duro and prefer it but I have a lot of friends who are riding a Kinetics and don’t complain

Duro kinda sucks… I have a Kujo now…

I hope this tire works out for me! I’m very small and light so the big heavy 3" tire was a bit much for me. So I am hoping this one will work out better. 500 grams is a lot for ME.