Kenda Kikzumbut vs. Primo The Wall tire?

I was looking at my Kenda Kikzumbut on my freestyle uni and The Primo The Wall tire on a friends freestyle uni and I fail to see a difference between the two when mounted on the unicycle. I haven’t had a chance to ride on the Primo tire but from what I read around here it seems to be an awesome tire. My Kenda provides little to no traction between my foot and the tire when there is even a little moisture on either my shoe or the tire so I was thinking it might be time to try a new tire. It could also just be that I need a different style shoe to work better with my current tire but I’m not sure. I have a waffle pattern tread on my shoe if that makes a difference. Thanks

My kenda died so I can’t really compare them head-to-head:o

How can you not see a difference, they are blatantly different tread patterns.

Anyhow, the Primo, I think, is a tad heavier, but I find it to be a better tyre. I have run both on unicycles and BMX, and I’d go for the Primo’s any time. The only tyre I’d choose over a Primo Wall, is the KHE Premium Mac2.

I guess what I meant to say is they look extremely similar to me, and thanks guys.

when running at 80+ psi, the tires perform very similarly to me. The Kenda has a bit softer rubber compound but I find it’s still a great freestyle tire.

If you find a tire that you can wheelwalk when it’s wet let me know - I doubt such a thing exists. Water (and rough ground, wind…) is your enemy when doing really hard stuff.

I’m just curious as to why you’d want to have a tyre on a freestyle unicycle at 80 psi? It’d be rock hard, basically defeats the purpose of a tyre lol.

Spins, pirouettes, frontspin, backspin etc. are way way easier with a nice high pressure tyre on a smooth surface.

80 PSI is not particularly high if you compare it to road bike tyres which are typically run at 110 PSI (or even higher)


I’d say see if you can track down a KHE Premium, and give that a go, see if you can find someone with one that you could try / borrow, as they are a tad more expensive than other tyres. I used to ride bmx, the only tyre i used the last 2 years of bmxing, At one point I rode ramp in the rain on metal ramps on a set of them tyres, and they weren’t as bad as I thought they’d be.